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Linking the gap between Seller and Buyer

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Working as a bridge

Linking the gap between Seller and Buyer

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is where the future of freelance work
is already hard at work today.
And everyday.

Morocco is fortunate to be the home of some of the best, most skilled and talented professionals in the world. And now, with Mawahib, there’s a new, smart, easy and fast way for over 15,000 talented, skilled Moroccan professionals to work online with clients looking for great freelancers, consultants, doctors, tutors and more.

+15,000 Talented

Malik Bensalah Project Manager

Mawahib was created by Moroccans for Moroccans.

We knew that thousands of great professionals here needed a safe, secure and effective way to offer their services, get paid, and build their reputations and professional relationships, all online. And we knew that there are clients right here who are seeking the best local professionals to work on their projects.
Mawahib brings them together in ways not even possible just a few years ago. Yes, there are other online sites for freelancers and clients. But Mawahib was created from the ground up to give professionals and clients everything they want and need.
So, unlike sites like Upwork or Fiverr or the others, Mawahib has all the tools, the help and support you need for a successful, rewarding experience — from rapid payments, to an easy-to-use platform, to the most advanced video conferencing and the best app.

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The future of work in Morocco will never be the same.

Welcome to MAWAHIB, the smart, easy and safe way for clients and skilled professionals to work together to achieve success, project after project.
And now that you’re here, let’s get to work!

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